For experienced leadership in Indio re-elect Lupe Ramos Amith.

Your Pro-Business, Pro-Public Safety Council Member.

Vote Lupe for:  


  • Continued Fiscal Responsibility
  • More Jobs and Economic Development
  • Support for Local Business
  • Enhanced Public Safety
  • Planning and Vision for Indio

Lupe has led our City in Promoting and Growing our local economy –  projects bringing $100’s of millions of dollars and jobs in out City  such as:

  • The new Jackson and I-10 Shopping Center
  • The new County Administrative Center

Lupe has been a leader in making a better quality of life in Indio:

  • Protecting police and fire service levels to safeguard our community.
  • Supporting education opportunities such as the new College of the Desert Campus in downtown Indio.
  • Enhancing recreation opportunities such as the new Senior Center, Teen Center and renovated Park System.

Re-elect Lupe Ramos Amith – Your experienced Pro-Business, Pro-Public Safety Leader for Indio City Council.

What Others Say About Lupe


 As leaders in the faith - based community for over 15 years in the city  of Indio, it was our privilege to work closely with Ms. Lupe Ramos. We  consistently found her to place her constituents' welfare as a priority.  The city of Indio is way ahead in every way for the election of Ms.  Ramos as councilwoman and its mayor. ~ S. Moffat

 Lupe is a great leader and will be re-elected in 2012 for Indio City Council!  ~ M. Anderson

 I have had the privilege to know and work with Mayor Lupe Watson since 1990.  Lupe Watson demonstrates tenacity; she is a team player and is a leader in everything she does.  She is eloquent in her public speaking and is well respected and admired by many.         I highly recommend Mayor Lupe Amith. ~ T. Valencia

 Lupe has proven herself to be a respected leader in the Coachella Valley.  She is smart, savvy, and well-spoken.  Lupe is a dedicated Councilwoman who channels her efforts towards the good of her        community. ~ K. Franklin

 I am honored to have the opportunity to give Lupe a great recommendation.  Serving with her on the CVAG Homeless Committee as been a joy.  Her leadership is exceptional and has guided us through some very difficult times.  She is a true leader and a excellent consensus builder.  I am sure her great personality would come through in any environment that she would find herself in.~ D. Hanson