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 Your experienced Pro-Business, Pro-Public Safety Leader for Indio City Council.  
Born and raised in Indio, Lupe and her family have been business owners in Indio for generations.
Lupe's commitment to the community is proven by her priorities and  accomplishments. She has led our City in Promoting and Growing our local  economy - projects bringing $100’s of millions of dollars and new jobs  to our City.  
Lupe is more than a leader and a regional advocate -- her sensible and  creative policies have provided solutions for Indio and the region. 

 Lupe is experienced leadership for Indio




Born and raised in Indio, Lupe Ramos Amith was elected to the City  Council in 2004, and has served as Mayor in 2008, 2011, 2015 and 2019.

Her duties on the City Council have kept Lupe Ramos Amith busy since her election.  She serves/served on multiple Boards and Commissions.

Lupe Ramos Amith has deep roots in her community.  Her parents were  migrant farm workers working in the agricultural community.  She  attended Indio High School and eventually earned an Associate of Liberal  Arts degree from the College of the Desert and University of California  Riverside.   In her capacity as a small business owner, Lupe Ramos Amith managed the  finances of her companies, and she put that experience to use in her  city council duties, where she is a consistent advocate for balanced  budgets and responsible spending. 




  • Continued Fiscal Responsibility
  • More Jobs and Economic Development
  • Support for Local Business
  • Enhanced Public Safety
  • Planning and Vision for Indio